Vernooy vacuum has extensive knowledge of vacuum systems. Vacuum is not a test at the end but requires constant attention throughout the production process.

Vernooy vacuum is a manufacturer of high-tech parts and weld assemblies. We have highly skilled employees who understand the importance of clean manufacturing and the effect it has on the end products. With our state of the art cleaning facilities we clean all our products. After cleaning the parts are extremely clean and can be used without additional processing in vacuum and cleanrooms.

Engineering for manufacturing

Vernooy vacuum manufactures many special shaped weld assemblies for a variety of markets and research institutes. This expertise we use to decrease the production time for our customers. We are used to help in the final stage of engineering to optimize the design for faster production times. These extensive discussions can lead to production time reductions up to 50%.

High tech materials welding

Our welding capabilities are not limited to stainless steel but also include aluminium and titanium welding. We are constantly improving our skills through internal research programs to optimize the precision in our welded end products.


In-house we are capable of machining precision products ranging from cm3 to several m3. We have produced chambers up to 5 m in length and 2.5 m wide for the solar industry but also small tubes for high end electron microscopes. Our manufacturing engineering is focused on functionality of the end product and lead time optimization. Together with our customers and suppliers we aim for an optimized design both in costs and in lead time.

Vacuum quality and control

At Vernooy vacuum quality is taken very seriously, all vacuum related parts are leak tested individually. Our manufacturing process is qualified with an rest gas analysis (RGA) test. Upon request the individual parts and weld assemblies can be tested at the targeted end vacuum level and RGA test. Weld assemblies are checked with a 3D measurement system with a geometric accuracy of < 0.01 mm.

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